Enhanced Selling

Let us help you convert the right deals.

$5,000/mo + 10% commission


On-site training (travel not included)

$2,000 speaker fee


On-site training and on-call consulting for your team


Social Media Management

A sales-approach to social media


Sales Playbook

Detailed sales playbook creation and enablement



Professional sales capabilities when you need it most

Who can you trust to close the right business and secure partnerships that move the needle? That's what we do.

Professor, author, and experienced seller

Our founder, Professor Joe Barhoum, has spent 15+ years in B2B sales. His methodology cuts out the wasted time spent by inexperienced account executives, and the burden of managing W2 employees. Revenue is our focus.

Professor Barhoum has been teaching sales at The University of Portland since 2013.


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