Focused on Revenue

Business leaders are over-investing in sales. They struggle to find qualified sales professionals who are honest, inquisitive, prepared, and committed. Many account executives are glorified paper-pushers: transactional and coin-operated. Stop filing W2s and start booking the right deals.

Ask Yourself…

  • Would you prefer to focus on revenue and not employee management?
  • Are you not closing enough of the right deals?
  • Are you losing deals you should be winning?
  • Are you engaging your top prospects?
  • Do you fully understand your position in the market?

Our Model is Simple:

We take deals from lead identification to negotiation and closure.

Our Services

  • Personal Selling
  • Training
  • Sales Playbook Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • CRM Selection and Implementation

About our Founder

Professor Joe Barhoum has been selling software and services for more than 15 years, while also building and leading sales and marketing teams. He is the author of two books: The Last Sales Book and Marketing Operation: Make the Transformation. Since 2013, he has been teaching Sales at the University of Portland, while developing the University's Personal Selling Certificate program for graduate students.

Learn the discipline of sales and use it as a tool for understanding what builds trust in a business setting. In the long run, the honest seller always wins, even if they lose some business in the short term. This book is not a silver bullet. It is, however, a straightforward explanation of what to expect in sales, with strategies you can use to build trust with buyers.

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