The Great Sellers Playbook

Learn the discipline of sales and use it as a tool for understanding what builds trust in a business setting. In the long run, the honest seller always wins, even if they lose some business in the short term. This book is not a silver bullet. It is, however, a straightforward explanation of what to expect in sales, with strategies you can use to build trust with buyers.

These principals are based on lessons from my career which have been with me for 15 years. They center around four basic questions:
What is a seller?
What should a seller be?
What should a seller do?
What should a seller not do?

The Last Sales Book

Professor Barhoum's second book is focused squarely on selling. This book deconstructs his 10+ years of first-hand sales experience into an easy to follow set of principals that every aspiring sales professional can learn from.

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Marketing Operations: Make the Transformation

This textbook covers how to leverage the behavior data provided by the rise of technology and eCommerce. Students shall learn how to the buying behavior of consumers can be captured and measured to strengthen marketing campaigns and infuse operational processes into their traditional workflows; proving their impact to revenue to all stakeholders.