Conduit Statement of Approach

Our team works with our customers to create a framework tailored to their buyers that guides how Sales Enablement is implemented and measured. Our secret ingredient: we lean our efforts towards the buying process. Why? Contact us to find out.

Key Deliverables

  1. Defining your Sales Enablement goals and metrics, such as increasing win rates, reducing cycle length, improving customer satisfaction, growing top-line revenue
  2. Sales Enablement maturity and gaps assessment. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team, content, tools, and processes.
  3. Define your Sales Enablement strategy and plan
    1. Determine how to bridge the gap and achieve your goals.
    2. Create key initiatives and activities.
    3. Identify the stakeholders and roles included in enablement.
    4. Define the resources and budget method for Sales Enablement.
    5. Create a Sales Enablement roadmap or charter.
  4. Implement and monitor
    1. Define how you will execute your plan and ensure alignment and adoption across your organization.
    2. Define how you will track and report your Sales Enablement metrics and outcomes
    3. Identify the feedback mechanisms and best practices you will use to optimize your Sales Enablement efforts.
    4. Create a platform or dashboard to manage and measure your Sales Enablement activities and results..